Depending on your belief system, there are four, seven, or an infinite number. 

Archangel Michael is the angel of protection and courage, the official "bouncer".  He escorts lower energies of fear away from you and your family.  Call on Michael for safety and peace of mind. He is the patron saint of police officers.

Archangel Gabriel is the angel of children and messengers. Call upon Gabriel to overcome fear or procrastination in any type of communication.   Assists with fertility, pregnancy or adoption concerns.

Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing, heaven's physician. Raphael works with all healers, nurses, and doctors. Call on Raphael for help in eliminating addictions and assisting in spirit releasement.

Archangel Uriel is the angel of wisdom and ideas.  Call on Uriel to shed light on troubling situations and assist in your own problem solving abilities.


Angels ARE among us! Have you noticed the increased interest in anything related to angels?  Songs, movies, artwork, books?  A reference to angels is sure to be found without much effort.  Humanity is becoming increasingly aware of these heavenly beings and interest in learning to connect with these wonderful messengers of light is high.

What is an angel? Where do they come from? Why are they making their presence known?  These are just a few of the questions that I'm asked.  Let me provide some food for thought.

An angel is a Divine Messenger, sent by our Creator, to assist us in times of need, to protect us from harm before our assignment on earth is through, to guide and counsel us and to reinforce the memory of our Divine nature.  They are here to assist us in healing ourselves, others and our planet.  This healing is all inclusive.  It affects body, mind and spirit.  It raises our vibration. It reminds us that we came from love, we are love and shall return to love.

God is all loving, is everywhere and is present in everything.  The angels never seek to be worshipped and it is never suggested that angels be worshipped!  All glory goes to God!  Angels respond to our Creator's will and comply with his bidding. They fly from his side to ours instantaneously.

Angels are spirits, lightbodies....they are not restricted by the same physical laws as we can be.  Archangels have the ability to bi-locate, meaning they can be with more than one person at a time.  If you should happen to call on one of the archangels for help, don't be concerned that you might be diverting them from something more important than your situation.

Angels are here to bring us back to our peaceful and loving natures...our natural state of being.  They want to help heal us from the effects of the fear that separates us from one another and keeps us from peace.  Fear magnifies the illusion of differences.  Fear keeps us from remembering wholeness and from seeing the Divine spark in every human being.

How do you attract your angel's attention?  Very easily.  No formal rituals are needed.  Just ask.....just ask for help. You may petition God to send angels or just call out "angels" and they will be dispatched to your side. The Law of Free Will prohibits the angels from coming to your aid without your permission. They will intervene if you are in serious danger and it is not time for you to leave the earth.  The angels always answer to God's will,  and it is his will that you experience the love, comfort and protection of angels. 

After you've called on the angels for assistance, be ready to give up the problem. You block healing and resolution when you continue to hold on to the issue.  Totally surrender your problem.

Trust that God will resolve your problem in the way that is most significant for you.  Your request may not be answered in the time frame or way you had in mind, but be assured it is for your highest and greatest good. Remember to offer thankfulness and gratitude.

After you've released your situation or problem, be sure to listen to the intuitive directions you receive and take appropriate action.  Remember that messages and directives from our Creator and the angels are always positive, love-based and supportive.